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    Neotys has announced a major new release of its flagship product NeoLoad, a load testing tool for web applications. NeoLoad Version 2.0 delivers all of the features of the original, with the addition of simplified scenario creation and improved test monitoring, analysis and reporting. NeoLoad version 2.0 also delivers optional modules, including a SOAP module for web services support and monitoring modules for dedicated platform and server monitoring. Fast and easy scenario creation for complex applications is a hallmark of NeoLoad Version 2.0. New features specific to scenario creation include:
    • Wizard for automatic handling of dynamic parameters generated by the server: eliminates labor-intensive and time-consuming manual parameterization.
    • Enhanced .Net support: automates the detection and management of .NET parameters Viewstate and Eventvalidation
    • Advanced scenario customization: advanced tools for scenario parameterization make each scenario as realistic as possible without any scripting and no programming language required.
    • Multiple authentication wizard: enables the definition and use of different account profiles to log into secured applications while a test is in progress
    In addition to advanced scenario creation, NeoLoad Version 2.0 also delivers improved live monitoring features and new powerful graphs for more in-depth analysis as well as nine new optional modules — including a SOAP module for web services support and several modules for dedicated platform and server monitoring. The SOAP module enables the design of SOAP requests from a WSDL file or manually from a specific interface. The platform and server monitoring modules are specifically dedicated to remote server monitoring. Performance counters such as CPU usage, network bandwidth and active connections pool size are collected while the test is running – making it easy to track any performance concerns. Dedicated monitoring modules support numerous environments, including Windows, HTTP, Apache, Linux, Solaris, RSTAT, SNMP, WebLogic and WebSphere. Resources:Message was edited by:

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    An interesting product, quite easy to understand and use. Are the platform and server monitoring modules independant of the testing framework? ________ MessAdmin, J2EE monitoring made easy
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    Cédrik, Platform and server monitoring modules are included in the testing framework and cannot be used separately.