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    This tech animation from JavaBlackBelt.com walks through the process of creating a jasper report from an XML report definition, step by step and with clear navigation. The presentation is narrated by Teodor Danciu, founder and architect of JasperReports, and was put together by John Rizzo, cofounder and managing director of Loop Factory, a Java-focused education company, and cofounder of JavaBlackBelt.com. The animation was done by Florence Benoit.

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  2. KISS...[ Go to top ]

    Pls keep all presentation simple - use of ppt would have been - rather than animated demo - content was informative for begineers
  3. pdf version[ Go to top ]

    Hi Mittal, Thank you for your comment. Usually when teaching with such an animation, I first print and give the students the pdf version, so they get the whole picture and can take notes. You'll find it here (with other diagrams): http://www.javablackbelt.com/JasperReportTechMap.wwa John.
  4. Re: KISS...[ Go to top ]

    Only if the PPT had sound. And worked in OpenOffice or something everyone can use.
  5. Good introduction[ Go to top ]

    A good overview for beginners. Insightful.
  6. JasperReports rocks[ Go to top ]

    Please produce more - JasperReports is a great platform and the docs are sparse ... Rob
  7. More[ Go to top ]

    Sure Rob. The next is about Spring.