Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite released


News: Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite released

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    Stylus Studio, a provider of XML tools and components for advanced data integration, has announced the release of Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, which provides an environment for building, modeling, editing, debugging and deploying XML applications. This latest release of the XML IDE offers new XML Pipeline and XML Publishing tools. Stylus Studio claims this is the company's "biggest and most significant" release in its 10-year history. The Stylus Studio XML Pipeline tool is an XML application design tool for XML data services. Rather than manually editing individual stylesheets, queries, schemas, Web services, and other pieces of XML applications, Stylus Studio XML Pipeline editor allows developers to model their application as a sequence of different XML processing tasks. For example, a typical XML application might involve converting legacy data into an XML format, validating the resulting XML document, and then transforming it to HTML or PDF using XQuery or XSLT. Using the Stylus Studio XML Pipeline tool, developers can visually assemble such an application by dragging and dropping common XML operations from a tools palette onto a canvas and wiring them together according to the application's business requirements. Developers can also drag XQuery, XSLT, and other XML documents from a file system and drop them directly on the XML Pipeline canvas. The Stylus Studio XML Pipeline tool integrates all of Stylus Studio's XSLT debugging and XQuery debugging tools and utilities, enabling users to debug individual components, chains of components or the application as a whole by setting breakpoints where they choose. Stylus Studio also provides integrated Java Code Generation tools to automatically generate the required code to deploy and run the XML application in a production environment. The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product is an XML report designer that allows users to create document layouts for use in single-source publishing, content management and multi-channel publishing applications. Using a visual interface, business users can design document layouts to publish XML content to PDF, HTML, Postscript and other document formats using XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, or XQuery 1.0. The Stylus Studio XML Publisher product supports heterogeneous data sources including relational databases, XML databases, Web services, EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats, as well as XML and XML Schema documents. What are your thoughts on Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite for building XML applications?
  2. Too bad it's only for Windows. I actually enjoyed using it when I was still on Windows, now that I've migrated to Mac, Oxygen is great. Ilya
  3. I've used a lot of XML tools over the years, the vast majority in banks for modelling complex trades. Of the many tools available Stylus Studio has always been one of the most powerful. I remember the early days of FpML, one of the most useful features of Stylus Studio was the ability to change the version of Xerces it used, this meant it would work when others like XMLSpy simply died with the complexity of FpML. We (C24) recommend these types of tool to out customers, a lot of them model their XSLT and XQuery in such tools and then use Integration Objects to execute the result. This is what standards are all about, you have choice of editing and choice of execution. There's no way we're going to bother writing an XQuery GUI with the market being so commoditised, we just execute it and let others write excellent GUIs. I'm interested in the approach they've taken with EDIFACT, X12 and CSVs etc. of course we (C24) include all these standards and others, I wonder if they've added support for data-dictionaries, meta-data modelling, network rules and constraints though. My copy is downloading now, I hope it's as good as previous versions... -John- CTO, C24