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    Who cares about some Internet celebrity talking about what ever they like? come one - if you have some article you can read about the subject then it is much more interesting. These web interviews that is really about how nice it is some celeb can spare the time to be interviewed - waste of time. Lars

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    Wow!Do you have personal enmity with these celebrities?
  3. Reading is good, but its a slow process. Sometimes listenign or viewing makes it easier to assimiliate concepts. I for one sure was enlightened with the TSS Panel Discussion about "The Future of Enterprise Java". I have been learning a lot these days mostly through articles on TSS, some tech talks, books and trying out things. I agree some frameworks are really overkill and sometimes when you see the creator of framework speaking you can make some deductions about what is the commitment level of developer group or community of that framework.
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    I agree that reading is sometimes slow but reading is what makes you put your energy in the right direction.If you have sound knowledge, you can better design and implement. cheers, http://javaicillusion.blogspot.com/