qwickr turbo-charges EJB 3 persistence


News: qwickr turbo-charges EJB 3 persistence

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    qwickr is a new tool for managing JPA persistence used in EJB 3.0 applications. With qwickr, users can execute ad-hoc JPQL statements against the persistence units deployed in the application. This is much faster than querying the database directly with SQL tools because JPQL is easier to write. With qwickr, users can be sure that changes to the database are reflected in the application, which is not always the case with SQL because of caching by the application server. qwickr adds an 'Insert' statement in addition to the standard 'Select','Update' and 'Delete' JPQL constructs. Users can also run multiple JPQL statements in a single transaction, offering all the tools needed to manage persistent data. As well as being a tool for data maintenance and ad-hoc querying, qwickr can help users during development. Users can view their persistence model alongside the query window, which saves a number of build cycles when prototyping JPQL statements used in an application. qwickr has been tested on JBoss 4.0.4 GA and Glassfish application severs. A beta version of the tool can be downloaded from qwickr.com with registration, with the 1.0 release in January 2007. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com
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    This is a cool idea but it is a pity that you have to run a whole J2EE stack to use it. It would be nice if it could be used in a simple Tomcat app by adding a few lines to web.xml.