In order to build a Rich Internet Application, a right technology, software selection & clear understanding of end user expectations or behaviour is very important. 1. Technology: User has a choice of following technology stack to choose from & a selection here will impact the type of software available for use: - JavaScript/DHTML - ActiveX - Flash - AJAX 2. Software: As mentioned earlier, selection of technology would lead to making a decision of type of software vendor to choose for building the application, some of the popular ones that I have explored are: - Open Laszlo ( : Uses flash technology - Flex ( : Uses flash technology - DreamFactory ( : ActiveX technology - Nexaweb (htt:// - Google Webtoolkit : AJAX technology - JavaSwing/JWS : Java technology 3. End user understanding: Along with #1 & #2, a right understanding of end user of the product is very vital for making a RIA technology/software selection, some of the aspects to consider about the end user are: - Does user need Jazzy UI? - Is Security more important for the user? - Enterprise or Consumer user? - Performance or look & feel? I have made an attempt to build sample applications on each of the technology & software listed above and created a white paper for RIA building. If you are interested in knowning more about the white paper or have any comments on this topic, please write an email back to me at bhas4 at yahoo dot com Thanks Bhaskara Kempaiah