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    Hi, Is there any way we can hot-deploy java class files in Oracle Application Server without restarting the server? Basically, want to know, if we can make class file switches without having a downtime. Any pointers/help will be appreciated. Thanks, Swami
  2. Hi Swami, Please go through this document, it will answer all your questions. if it asks for your username and password, then register with oracle. cheers,
  3. Hi Arijit, Thanks for that pointer. It will indeed be useful. However, my question still is not fully answered. I will give a few more details here - see if you can help me out. We have two situations -- 1. A java file changes which impacts a single class file in our EAR. To move this change into production, we dont want to redeploy the entire application EAR. When we move the class file alone into the deployment directory, the server does not pick it up until the server is restarted. So, at the minimum a restart is required. My question is - is there any way we can work around this? Is there any server property that we can modify which will enable us to make such "hot replacement" of class files? 2. We have a similar requirement for a class file for an EJB. In this case, the EJ Bean code is modified but its signature is not. But the EJ Bean file is part of a jar file in the deployment directory. Now the question is, can we modify the class file inside the jar (by manually extracting the old one out and putting the new one in) and pushing the jar back in. And does this need a server restart? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Swami
  4. Swami, Are you able to hot deploy in the Oracle AS server? Let me know the details. thanks Karun