Unify announces eWave 4.0 - lowest cost commercial J2EE server


News: Unify announces eWave 4.0 - lowest cost commercial J2EE server

  1. Unify eWave Engine 4.0 has been released and repriced to be the lowest-cost commercial J2EE server available. At $595/cpu, eWave is even cheaper than Orion for single or dual cpu deployments.

    What we are seeing here is the commoditization of application servers forcing vendors to compete any way they can. Some make themselves more attractive by complementing their servers with IDE's or commerce servers, EAI toolkits, etc. Others (who focused their efforts on J2EE and don't have complementary offerings) do it on price. Expect more vendors to lower their prices soon...

    Press release:

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb 13, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Unify eWave Engine 4.0 Offers Powerful Server-Side Java Functionality at the Most Competitive Price Available Unify Corporation (OTC System:UNFY), a leading provider of solutions for extending business applications to the Web, today announced the availability of Unify eWave Engine 4.0. A high performance Web Application Server, Unify eWave Engine allows organizations to take advantage of the latest industry standards in the J2EE platform including JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) at the highly competitive price of just $595 per CPU.

    "Unify eWave Engine 4.0 allows price sensitive organizations to take advantage of J2EE technology in developing B2B and B2C applications and Web-based solutions," said Dave Glende, chief technology officer at Unify. "Our customers choose Unify products for ease of use, performance, reliability and cost. Unify eWave Engine 4.0 is hands-down the most affordable, full-feature Java-based Web Application Server on the market."

    Now available for download and purchase at www.unifyewave.com, this new release includes usability enhancements in installation and administration, and seamless migration from Java servlet to EJB component-based development. With Unify eWave Engine 4.0, customers have the flexibility of using servlets and JSP to deliver Web solutions, combined with the built-in functionality to easily evolve to EJB components to meet future business requirements.

    "Unify eWave Engine provides our developers with a standards-based development environment that offered the flexibility we required in creating our APT Churn and APT Profitability applications and bringing them to market quickly," said Howard Kaushansky, vice president of business development at Athene Software. "Our decision to select Unify eWave Engine for our Intelligent CRM Suite of applications is due to its adherence to the J2EE technology and Unify's exceptional customer support."

    With its easy to use development environment, Unify eWave Engine allows organizations to build and deploy reliable, portable, high performance Web applications running JSPs, servlets and EJB. By utilizing JSPs and Java Servlets powered by Unify eWave Engine, companies are able to leverage their current IT investments and re-purpose their existing systems and applications for the Web in an easy, reliable and affordable way.

    "Unify's newest version of its robust Web application server provides powerful server-side Java functionality for companies that are seeking to provide customers and business partners dynamic, secure, real-time access to their corporate data," said Bob Batchelder, director of Unify eWave product development.

    Unify eWave Engine 4.0 is available in two editions: Access and Enterprise. The Unify eWave Engine Access Edition supports servlets, JSPs, and Enterprise Java Beans at the most competitive price available of just $595 per CPU. Unify eWave Engine Enterprise Edition, offered at $2,495 per CPU, extends the server's functionality to support advanced deployment functionality required in multi-server configurations including replication, failover and load balancing.

    Unify eWave Engine incorporates full support for key components of the J2EE suite of standards, including Java Servlet API 2.2, JSP 1.1, and EJB 1.1 technologies, and runs on all major Web servers, including Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet Web Server and Apache Web Server.

    About Unify Corporation Unify Corporation is a leading provider of solutions for extending business applications to the Web. Unify's proven technology, unparalleled customer support, experienced consulting organization, managed hosting services and partner programs form the comprehensive solution companies need to extend their businesses to the Web quickly, reliably and cost effectively. Headquartered in Sacramento, Unify has offices in Europe and Japan, in addition to a worldwide network of distributors. Additional information and product downloads are available at www.unify.com and www.unifyewave.com.
  2. The press release mentions a price of $595/cpu, rather than the $495/cpu that is mentioned in the introduction.
  3. thanks, correction has been made.
  4. Well, first of all I don't work for Evermind (makers of Orion)... I just want to make clear that in your article when you say "eWave is even cheaper than Orion for single or dual cpu deployments", is not entirely correct. You see, you are comparing Oranges vs. Apples there. First, Orion is priced at $1500 per server (not per CPU) and offers all the features of EWave 4.0 Enterprise Edition which is priced at $2495.00/CPU and many more which Unify does not currently support (even in the EE). Among these are EJB 2.0, Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, excellent JMS compliant support, and is closer compliance to the J2EE spec. Orion also supports advanced load balanced and application failover support which can only be compared to offerings in WL6.0 (which is 10,000/CPU [non-clustered version])

    Another important issue, which is extremely important in a high-traffic production server environment is SPEED!. I invite you and Unify to participate in a public benchmark and stress test comparing eWave and Orion. Also, Orion has an extremely small memory footprint which makes it scale from small installations to multi server islands effectively.

    So in summary, Orion is priced at $1500 per server, offers everything and more than it's offered in the eWave 4.0 Enterprise Edition, is substantially faster (my own benchmarks, but eWave can certainly participate in a public benchmark and stress test), closer follows the J2EE specification and is always on the edge. While others are struggling to have Servlets2.2 and JSP1.1, Orion already has Servlets2.3 and JSP1.2, so it makes you kind of wonder...

    So are we comparing fairly here?
  5. Are you sure you don't work for them :-)
  6. I must say I dabbled with eWave and the last poster is right, Orion definitely wins there. (Disclosure, I use Orion in production in a very load heavy environment)

    I'm also sorry to see the misleading teaser, I remember from dabbling with eWave about it's price and $595 / CPU seemed like a drastic price reduction. In actual fact to set up a comparable eWave machine to Orion would cost $2495 / CPU.

    Using eWave would cost me an EXTRA $3490 per dual CPU server. Cheaper? I think not.
  7. Hey guys,

        Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to bolster eWave over Orion. I the guys at Orion are partners of TheServerSide and I really admire their work.

        However, until Unify's announcement, Orion was the lowest cost commericaly application server available. All I trying to convey in the thread summary was that features aside, Unify eWave has become the lowest cost application server, period.

        I didn't mean to trigger an eWave versus Orion feature comparison war, that has nothing to do with the point I am making. :)

        Thanks for supporting Orion guys, out of all the commercial vendors in this industry, they definitly deserve the amount of developer loyaly they are getting.

    take care,