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    When i try build my application(compile time) i get the following error C:\dev\vsriniva_Core_4_2_defect\WFX_Core\core\components\ant\xml\ejb-builder-template.xml:495: Unabl e to parse setupCmdLine: null\bin\setupCmdLine.bat (The system cannot find the path specified.) This happens when i tries to compile the EJB's using the wsejbdeploy ANT task. I was able to overcome this issue in WAS 6.0 by adding the following in my ant.cmd SET ANT_OPTS=-Duser.install.root=%IBM_HOME%\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\default I tried to do the same for 6.1 but did not work SET ANT_OPTS=-Duser.install.root=%IBM_HOME%\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01 What am i missing and what is the root cause of the problem? Here is my ant task...

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  2. If you have got the solution for the problem,please with us.
  3. You need to call this with the ws-ant.bat instead of your normal ant. The ws-ant sets up the appropriate environment settings the websphere specific ant tasks required. I actually just call my own build file, and set up an independent task. For example:
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    Websphere has recently fixed the pb in You don't need to use ws-ant.bat anymore, ant alone is enough.
  5. You can run ejbdeploy directly[ Go to top ]

    decompile the class WasUtils in wsanttasks.jar you will find the following System.getProperty("user.install.root") Run a sample program in IBM JDK 1.4.2 /JDK1.5 it simply returns null even if you set this in system enviroment variable. Use ejbdeploy directly as a command line
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