Portlet Repository Project: creating services to find portlets


News: Portlet Repository Project: creating services to find portlets

  1. Roy Russo has announced the creation of the Portlet Repository Project, which "seeks to define a common Web Service API used to communicate with portlet repositories. It will also establish the format and meta-data to be included when defining a specific portlet within a repository." Participants include JBoss Portal, Sun's Portal Server, and more. According to the project's home page, "PRP is similar in functionality to that of a plugin installer/updater, with the exception that it is meant for portlets, thereby lending a portlet container to be enhanced in a pluggable manner." Portal administrators would be able to use a web service from within a given portal to look up portlets, and install them much as developers currently install plugins to various IDEs. The project is still in development, so portal vendors and potential users might be interested in taking a look and making sure it becomes viable and useful.
  2. and what is the biggest portal repository right now? Marina Coldbeans
  3. and what is the biggest portal repository right now
    I may be wrong, but its possibly JBoss Portletswap (www.portletswap.com). I would suspect the Sun Portal repository to grow substantially, in the near future, due to their OSS initiatives. STAY METAL! Roy Russo
  4. Do we really need some automation for such huge collections?
  5. Do we really need some automation for such huge collections?
    They aren't huge currently, but they *are* all spread out over many repositories. So yes, this protocol will have a unifying effect, and also include more information (metadata) on the individual components being browsed/retrieved/deployed. As opposed to what we have now... disparate repositories all brandishing their own metadata that *they* deem to be important for users. STAY METAL! Roy Russo
  6. I think IBM's Portal catalog has more portlets than anyone else at this time. http://catalog.lotus.com/wps/portal/portal?
  7. Yes, I was in an OSS frame-of-mind when I answered. There is nothing stopping IBM/BEA/Oracle/etc.. from exposing their portlet repositories with this API. It makes no distintction between commercial/opensource/demoware/etc... which is why we hope the commercial vendors support this endeavour... or at least their portlet vendors do. ;-) STAY METAL! Roy Russo
  8. Yes, commercial vendors like IBM, BEA and Oracle do have pretty big repositories. It would be good to get their collaboration. -- Punit Pandey http://portlets.blogspot.com
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    When I see WSAPI, I assume SOAP. Assuming my assumption is correct, why is SOAP needed here? All that is needed is a simple XML file accessible via GET. If RSS meets the need, use that, or they can define a comman XML format. I assume there is a very good reason to add the extra overhead of SOAP, but if there's not, please rethink it. - Jonathan
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    We've taken your suggestions in to the discuss list. We want a light-weight protocol, so RSS fit well here. There are other protocols being discussed as well.