Aranea 1.0 is the first stable release of Aranea Web Framework. The API are now fully frozen until 2.x release cycle and documentation includes a 120+ pages Reference Manual, an Introductory Tutorial, a Hands-On Tutorial, Technical Report, Javadoc API and example applications. The framework is widely used in-house in both large and small projects and by now has been successfully deployed to production in most of them. Aranea is an Open-Source Object-Oriented Web Application Framework that focuses on integration, maintainability and reuse. At the moment we see the following benefits from building applications with Aranea:
  • Productivity, Maintainability and Reuse. Object-Oriented development is a time-tested approach to develop GUI applications and it helps to decrease the number of defects and improve productivity.
  • Framework Extension and Configuration. Extending Aranea framework is as easy as writing a common application components, which means that adding framework features and configuring or extending existing ones is very simple. Thus it isn't so painful to implement features that are very specific to your application requirements.
  • Complex Structure and Navigation. If your applications have a navigational structure that does not fit in the web page abstraction (e.g. nested flows, wizards, dependent sub components, etc) Aranea is a solid choice. Since navigational abstractions are not built-in into the framework it is easy to support arbitrary patterns.
  • Database-backed Query Browsing. Aranea includes generic pageable, orderable and filterable tables that are programmed declaratively and select only the displayed item slice from the database by generating backend SQL.
  • Complex Data Input. When user input doesn't map well to static data beans (e.g. the model is dynamic or has complex dependencies) Aranea provides a powerful solution, since Aranea forms are based around components, instead of submit methods.
The next step in Aranea development will focus on integration with other web frameworks. We'd like to enable developers to make use of any framework features or components they find useful in their applications and Aranea to serve as glue among the application components. We especially want to support making different components or parts of application using different framework, as different requirements command different approaches. Our first candidates for integration are Google Web Toolkit, Java Server Faces and Struts, with the rest to follow later. We expect to present a working integration demo on the JavaPolis 2006 conference in December. Aranea development is supported by Webmedia, Ltd.