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News: Eclipse Callisto Project Profile: Data Tools Platform

  1. While in the past, according to John Ferguson Smart, Eclipse has neglected the relational database aspect of Java development, the Eclipse 3.2 Data Tools Platform (DTP) and Web Tools Platform (WTP), both part of the Callisto product suite, provide data-centric tools, including JDBC connectivity, SQL querying, and database browsing. In this article, Smart looks at the tools provided by Eclipse 3.2 and the Callisto product suite for working with relational databases in a J2EE application.
    The two projects overlap considerably, but the WTP tools are mature and feature rich while the DTP tools are more ambitious in scope. So WTP probably will meet the needs of many of today's Java developers, and DTP will become the reference tool set for database development under Eclipse.
    DTP is still under development, with version 1.0 scheduled for release in December. One of the main features of DTP is the Database Development perspective, one of its principal views being the Data Source Explorer, which lets you browse database structures with the Connection Profile. The Open Data Access (ODA) Data Sources also provide access to data from other sources, such CSV and XML files or custom data sources. DTP also provides an SQL File editor, the basic tool for SQL querying. SQL File editor provides syntax coloring and limited auto-completion functionalities. Other tools include a visual SQL editor and an Execution Plan analysis view. The current release of the WTP project requires a reconfigured, "WTP-friendly" connection. But once connected, its Database Explorer view presents a database strucuture with more possibilities than that of DTP, now including active querying of the contents. WTP also provides an SQL Scrapbook for running ad-hoc SQL queries. However, Smart describes this feature as less sophisticated than the DTP SQL Page. Do you think Eclipse 3.2 and Callisto's DTP and WTP are successfully addressing database-oriented development activities? What features would you like to see added to future releases?
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    We currently extend the WTP Database Explorer in our new Crystal Reports for Eclipse product. We felt that this was a great mix as we were able to re-use all of the work that was done to provide an easy UI for Eclipse users to connect to their JDBC data sources. Originally we had planned to use the DTP, however some of the required information was not available to our plugins using the provided extension points. I believe that these have been addressed in the next update to DTP and we will likely look and migrating at that point. One thing that our users have commented on is the lack of Stored Procedure support in the current WTP and DTP Database Explorers. Other than Derby Stored Procedures, the 2 views do not support Stored Procedures, which is seen as a limitation from our end-users. Do you know if there are any plans to include this functionality in a future release? You can read some of the feedback we have received regarding Stored Procs on the following thread: Other than this one particular issue, I for one can say that re-using the existing views have enabled my group of developers to concentrate on what we know best. Keep up the good work. Sean Johnson Product Manager, Business Objects Corp.
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    The DTP data source explorer (DSE) displays the objects in the database as loaded by a catalog loader. That said, the upcoming DTP release will contain a more comprehensive loader as part of its generic database support. This will include loading metadata for stored procedures and user defined functions, at least, as much as can be using JDBC metadata calls. Also, an enablement project has also been added to DTP as a repository for plugins providing vendor specific support. These plugins will provide customized catalog loaders for specific vendors, allowing them to more efficiently and completely populate the catalog objects displayed by the DSE. The Eclipse DTP project is a community driven project and contributions in any form are always welcome (code, designs, documentation, unit tests, etc.). If there is specific functionality or extension mechanism you would like to see added to the project, please feel free to submit a design and/or patch through bugzilla. Sincerely, Rob Cernich DTP Connectivity Project Lead
  4. look at VS 2005 for Database Professionals
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    Oracle's "SQL Developer" is very impressive. It's free, it's very high quality, it only works with Oracle, and it's closed source. Pity they didn't release that as an Eclipse plugin, eh?
  6. JDeveloper of course already had database browsing, database modeling, sql worksheet, PL/SQL debugging and much more for years now. (and unlike SQL Developer it does work with non Oracle DBs).
  7. and it is *** FREE **** Tune to Oracle Open World ( for any announcements.