ObjectWeb Lomboz v3.2-Final Released


News: ObjectWeb Lomboz v3.2-Final Released

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    The ObjectWeb consortium and eteration have announced the release of ObjectWeb Lomboz 3.2 with features addressing Enterprise Portals and Service Oriented Architectures. Lomboz is a set of plugins for Eclipse that provide Java EE, portal, and SOA development capabilities for the Eclipse 3.2 release. Professional support is available from eteration for individuals and enterprises. ObjectWeb Lomboz 3.2 adds support for portal development (ObjectWeb eXo Platform), popular technologies from the Apache Software Foundation (Struts, XMLBeans), Service Component Architecture runtimes (Apache Tuscany), and Enterprise Service Bus (ObjectWeb Celtix). Message was edited by: [email protected]

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  2. Congrats Naci Lomboz is a great out of the box IDE for JEE development We, at eXo, used to have our own eclipse plugin to allow development, deployment and real time debug of portlets. Now this is integrated in Lomboz and that is what we suggest to users and customers as it supports all version of eXo from Portal to ECM...and they like it! Once again, great job!
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    Great Job.. I liked it .. Thanks