Alfresco Release 1.4 Available with Business Process Management


News: Alfresco Release 1.4 Available with Business Process Management

  1. Alfresco has enhanced its 100% open source enterprise content management system with new high-end business process management capabilities in conjunction with the JBoss jBPM engine. The new features in support of business process management include the ability to support complex workflow processes, strong integration between business process and content management models, full auditing of content management activities, process dashboards, support for the BPEL4WS standard and links to commercial high-end imaging systems. The Alfresco system includes a scalable, fault tolerant, JSR-170 compliant repository and a complete web application framework for managing content. Alfresco utilizes best of breed open source components such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, MyFaces, POI, PDFBox and OpenOffice in its architecture. The business process capabilities leverage the breadth of the JBoss jBPM engine and scripting through the Rhino JavaScript engine. Business process execution scripts can read and update content metadata and relationships in the Alfresco repository through JavaScript. A new My Alfresco dashboard presents latest pending task and workflow activities. Alfresco Release 1.4 also includes integration with the Kofax imaging solution to provide support for imaging and scanning applications in conjunction with workflow and content management. A US Department of Defense 5015.2 standard data model, lifecycle aspects and full auditing capability provides the first open source records management solution. Alfresco Release 1.4 includes: * Full business process engine using JBoss jBPM * Full audit control with star schema for business intelligence analytics * Open source integration script for Kofax image management solution * US Dept of Defense 5015.2 records management model and lifecycle aspects * New performance enhancements for large repositories (> 10 million objects) and very large numbers of content in folders/spaces * Faster bulk load performance and integrity checks * Faster CIFS/SMB performance for Explorer-based browsing and content loading * Desktop actions in CIFS/SMB to provide repository functionality in Explorer with no client-side code * Personal dashboards to monitor the repository activities * Easy development of dashboard component and customized folder/space views using the Freemarker templating and URL references * Team and personal e-mail and RSS updates of repository activities * Support for automatic ODF (Open Document Format) conversion * Automatic metadata capture from Microsoft Exchange email messages The preview release of Alfresco's Web Content Management solution is also available.
  2. This brings together the best of both worlds. Good work and congrats with this release, guys !
  3. This is a great example of how open source communities and companies collaborate bringing the benefits of open source solutions to high value business problems. At Red Hat / JBoss, we're really excited to see jBPM used in enterprise content management scenarios with Alfresco!
  4. Congratulations to the Alfresco team. Their use of open source is indeed interesting--and, I suspect, gives them competitive advantage in implementation as well as being open source themselves. They also make interesting use of (Spring) AOP in the product. Rod Johnson Interface21 - Spring from the Source: Training, Consulting, Support
  5. Very cool. Many congrats. Just one question: Are WCM and BPM part of the same package or do i need to download separate releases of I were to try out both? thanks, /a
  6. The jBPM libraries are included in the Alfresco package - but you may want to download other utilities such as the Designer. Cheers Paul.