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    In the "real world," deployments rarely fit the boxes developers would like to put them in. It's hard to find deployments that are fully spec-compliant to Java EE or .NET. Instead, you find C, C++, Perl, Ruby and AWK all working together to create an environment that works. However, developers prefer homogenous, clean environments, even though they don't actually exist. In this podcast, taken from a panel at TSSJS-Europe, Bruce Tate, Wayne Beaton, Erik Dornenburg and Ted Neward discuss how developers, if they could start over, would design the ideal development environment. Suppose you took a look into a crystal ball and tried to come up with the way things were meant to be done in the future - choosing how IDEs would work, how implementations would interact, and what languages would be used for what purposes. What would you include in your development environment?
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    Maybe a bit off topic.. Do you know any tool which is combination of profiler and debugger? I would like to do this: Set breakpoint somewhere in code and when execution hits the breakpoint explore the heap (with something like heap walker in jprofiler). In general I would like to have more control over the moment when snapshot of the heap should be taken. Or is there something which prevents from using JPDA simultaneously with JVMTI/JVMPI. This kind of tool would make working with new big legacy systems easier for me. Thanks Marek