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    While running ejbc over one of my entity bean , i am getting this strange error , saying
    ERROR: Error from ejbc: Bean provided to WebLogic RDBMS CMP system is invalid.
    Please examine the following exceptions for specific problems:
    0: null
    can anybody give me some idea what this error is

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    I was getting something very similar, it turned out to be some missing tags in the RDMBS xml file. The way I found it was by replacing the Weblogic_RDBMS.jar file from sp8 with the installed version. Then i started to get error messages that made sense. Check the tags VERY carefully or use the deployment tool.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks steve
       it turn out to be a mixture of missing tag and an extra tag.
       my entity EJB has only findByPrimaryKey. so i did not gave any finder tag, it broke there , then i gave all the finder tag but didn't specify any value there ,(there were finder tag finder method tag etc etc , but only the start and end tag no value between them) that was the problem.