soapUI 1.6 final, web service integration and testing tool, released


News: soapUI 1.6 final, web service integration and testing tool, released

  1. soapUI 1.6, a tool to help with the development of clients and server processes for web services, has been released. soapUI can generate service interfaces (and requests!) given a WSDL. Major improvements, from the soapUI new and noteworthy page:
    • Support for Attachments (MTOM / SwA / Inlining)
    • 12 Tool integrations for
      • Code Generation; JBossWS (wstools), JAX-RPC (wscompile), JAX-WS (wsimport), XFire 1.2.X (WsGen), Axis 1.X (wsdl2java), Axis 2 (wsdl2code), JAXB 2.0 (xjc), XmlBeans 2.X (scomp), GSoap 2.7.X and .NET 2.0, including a ToolRunner for running code-generation tools from the command line
      • WSDL-Generation; JBossWS (wstools)
      • WS-I Basic Profile Validations
      • Apache TcpMon
    • WSDL Caching and exporting
    • JUnit Reports for functional tests from commandline
    Minor Improvements:
    • Support for importing secured wsdls
    • Initial support for Property-Expansion in test requests and xpath expressions
    • Automatic/Manual generation of WS-Security headers for Authentication
    • SOAP 1.2 support for request generation / HTTP headers / validation
    • Improved request generation
    • Options to sort items in navigator
    • Integrated help
    • Default assertions when creating request steps
    • Support for unverified SSL certificates
    • Response-size threshold
    • Support for preencoded urls (see Forum discussion)
    • Updated xmlbeans/saxon for improved XPath 2.0 support
    • More keyboard shortcuts
    You can download the win32 installer or binary zips from sourceforge. Thank you all for your support and encouragement! /soapui-team Message was edited by:

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  2. Thank you[ Go to top ]

    I've been using SOAPUI for the last six months and I’m absolutely delighted, especially by the web service test case tool, which is extremely useful. Thank you guys!
  3. Load testing[ Go to top ]

    Hey, looks good - shall start using it soon. Can this tool also to load testing of web services ? Do you guys plan to support REST based WS ?
  4. Re: Load testing[ Go to top ]

    oops got answer to my load testing Q - browsing docs now....
  5. Re: Load testing[ Go to top ]

    Hi! REST is on the roadmap.. currently soapUI is very "WSDL-centric", so we'll see how we can squeeze REST into the model.. regards! /Ole
  6. Nice one![ Go to top ]

    Excellent - SOAP UI is becoming a very useful testing tool for us - well done on the new release! Looking forward to using it! As per previous comments - support for REST gets my vote too... -Andy