Yawet, a user friendly web test application, released as freeware


News: Yawet, a user friendly web test application, released as freeware

  1. Yawet is a new web test tool, which allows you to conveniently create, run and debug functional and regression tests for web applications. It offers the following features:
    • Graphical creation of web application tests
    • Verification of HTML documents
    • Verification of PDF documents
    • Verification of XML documents
    • Parameterization
    • Reusable libraries
    • Huge tests (100,000 steps) possible
    • testing of multiple browser windows and frames
    • use of external browsers
    • Console mode
    • Project files in xml format
    • Integrated html tree parsing
    • Log and report generation
    • Extensible with Java
    • Freeware
    • Easy to use :-)
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  2. HTTPS Too?[ Go to top ]

    Does this test tool support HTTPS?
  3. Command line[ Go to top ]

    They have a command line mode so it seems possible to integrate it into a Maven/Ant build. Interesting. How does it compare to Canoo or Fitnesse? Does anyone have feedback on this?
  4. Re: HTTPS Too?[ Go to top ]

    Yes it does without further configuration as long as you don't wont to use specific client or server certificates. Otherwise you need to check "Authenticate Server" on the web client tab and configure JSSE, which can be quite a hassle.
  5. I've taken a quick look and it looks great! It looks very flexible and well thought. Congratulations! Cheers, Bo
  6. I've looked at several of the new breed of webapp testing tools like sahi and selenium. None of them work properly with our web application. We use frames heavily. We also have some really ugly probably non-conforming HTML which I think confuses these tools. I played with Yawet a bit but had a similar experience. I could use it to login to our application. Then I try to simulate clicking a link (contained in a "menu bar" in a frame down the left side of the page) and Yawet is unable to resolve the link. I know I'm not giving enough detail here for anyone to help. I just felt like moaning -- not about Yawet which looks great but about the boat I sit in. I'm assuming my problems are our own fault. I just wanted to post this as an admonition to everyone to keep your html clean and standard!
  7. Yawet is supposed to work with frames. If it has a problem to find a tag inside a frame, why not send enough information, that we can fix the error for the next version? But if the HTML is too ugly to be read in by the parser then we can't help neither.
  8. Thanks for the repy[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the reply. I will post more details on your forum and see if this problem cannot be resolved.