SVNKit (ex-JavaSVN) 1.1.0 released.


News: SVNKit (ex-JavaSVN) 1.1.0 released.

  1. SVNKit (ex-JavaSVN) 1.1.0 released. (3 messages)

    TMate Software team is glad to announce SVNKit (which used to be JavaSVN) 1.1.0 release! SVNKit is a pure Java Subversion library that provides means to access and manipulate Subversion repositories and working copies. The new SVNKit home page is Here, you will find complete javadocs, programming examples, knowledge base articles including new ones that explain how to use SVNKit and Subversion to integrate versioning into your Java application. There are also mailing lists and issues tracker for those who would like to ask question regarding SVNKit or report a bug. Major Features:
    • Low level repository access and manipulation API.
    • Full support of Subversion 1.4.2 client features.
    • Support of local 'fsfs' repositories access over 'file' protocol.
    • Repository replication support.
    • JavaHL API implementation - transparent replacement for native JavaHL bindings.
    • Java command line Subversion client (svn and svnsync).
    Among projects that use SVNKit are IntelliJ IDEA and TeamCity, JDeveloper, Subclipse, SmartSVN and other popular applications. New in 1.1.0 version since version 1.0.6:
    • 'file' protocol support for 'fsfs' repositories.
    • Subversion 1.4.2 support.
    • Repository replication functionality.
    • Javadoc and documentation updates.
    • Lot of bugfixes.
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  2. Maybe a bit off topic.... It has been my experience that the java client tools for CVS (at least) are quite inadequate and leave quite a bit to be desired if you want to something advanced with CVS. This usually forces me to install an "actual" cvs client like cvs / WinCVS... Considering SVN is more modern and was released at a time when Java was at its peak - can we expect that the java versions of SVN clients are more complete and we would not have to resort to the actual native clients to do some tasks?? Anoop
  3. If you need Java client for CVS, try that library from Netbeans, it does pretty much everything you'd need from it.
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    I updated the Subversion page in the Javapedia: