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    Hi, I have a requirement as below. I have two methods in my business delegate class. which calls two seperate Session beans which int urn call two seperate DAOs (hibernate). What I want is ,the two methods in the delegate class should be in a single transaction.Can any one tell me what the best practice to do this? Make the business delegate class as a session facade (a stateless sesson bean)? How can make this possble and bring the tow method calls in a single transaction. Please help? Thanks Sha
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    why don't you put the call to those two beans in a third bean which instantiates a new transaction?
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    you can use CMT for the two ejbs in the ejbs xml ? This will let you propogaye the transaction from one session bean to another. Use the require transaction attribute. (required) Let me know how it goes. Thanks, Vinant Pandey