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    Hi all, I am researching portal frameworks & portlets.The features I am looking for are * Portlet JSR 168 compliance,Content Management * AJAX,JSF support * user,comminity,group,role management,collaboration * support for SOA * rapid development and deployment I have searched and found a few posts in this site but i want to know more comparative information about portal frameworks commercial or opensoruce.I have found these frameworks: * liferay * BEA AquaLogic * pluto,jetspeed * jboss portal Can you give me comparative information about this frameworks or any others.What are your experiences?

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  2. Life ray is good, can be deployed on any server including jboss and Pramati server. cheers, http://www.javaicillusion.blogspot.com/
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    have a look at this pretty framework http://www.rlhc.net:8080/lightPortal/index.jsp