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    In heritance in stateless session beans ejb. I have two stateless session beans called AwardsWorkflowBean and WorkflowPerformerBean. AwardsWorkflowBean bean works as session fa├žade ie it has refernce to WorkflowPerformerBean local interface . Also in ejb-jar.xml for AwardsWorkflowBean I mentioned reference to WorkflowPerformerBean. This works fine. Now I created another bean called AwardsBean. The super class for this bean is AwardsWorkflowBean . In AwardsBean ejb-jar.xml I mentioned reference to AwardsWorkflowBean . In this case will I be able to access methods of AwardsWorkflowBean which internally calls methods of its super class WorkflowPerformerBean?
  2. Go thru this posting, it will clear all yopur confusions cheers,
  3. YES