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News: VTD-XML Version 1.9 Released

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    Version 1.9 of VTD-XML, available in C, C#, and Java, has been released. VTD-XML translates XML documents into a binary format, 64 bits per node, and provides access methods to the data. The data is accessed in-memory using offsets and byte arrays, typically without object allocation, which provides speed without excessive garbage collection. This version contains XPath-related performance enhancements and bug fixes. The performance of VTD-XML (according to the benchmark page) is quite impressive, especially for a jar file of only 226K or so (for Java). What do you think of the API? Would you prefer a SAX, StAX, or DOM-like API? Why? Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com

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  2. Impressive![ Go to top ]

    The benchmarks are seriously impressive! We do loads of XML processing, and I'll be looking into this with great anticipation. Jaco
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    I tried it and amazed with performance. If anyone who is doing tons of XML processing then in my opinion it's worth giving a shot. You will be amazed by the performance. Gaurav
  4. vtd+xml is coming[ Go to top ]

    VTD+XML will be introduced very soon, expect approaxmiate a double in performance in the next 2 months http://vtd-xml.sf.net/persistence.html Thanks, jimmy zhang