Buni.org launches, with Meldware Communications Suite


News: Buni.org launches, with Meldware Communications Suite

  1. Andy Oliver has officially announced the creation of a new open source community called Buni.org. The first major product is Meldware Communications Suite, an enterprise groupware product which offers calendaring, email and webmail services. The first milestone release is available for download or Java Webstart installation. Buni.org is dedicated to developing communications software. Meldware, which is written in Java, uses a number of Java/J2EE technologies in order to allow the groupware product to run on numerous platforms and support major database platforms. Additionally, it provides APIs which allow for "Mail-Based Applications" including integrated mail and calendar apps. The communications suite installs a copy of JBoss AS as a runtime platform, and provides a simple walk-through configuration. It supports PostgreSQL and MySQL out of the box, as well as TLS and SSL transports for POP and SMTP. DNS and relay servers and names are prompted for; while this is not a complete configuration (it's a simple one, meant to get administration started rather than completed). Storage of actual email content can be in a database or on the filesystem. The configuration is a little confused; misspellings are common ("firewally," "notficiation") and some components seem out of order (for example, configuration centers around email, and then a calendar notification screen is shown... followed by more email configuration.) That said, though, the configuration is simple and clear enough that it can be followed, and the installation itself is certainly painless.

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    Andy, I wish you and your team great success! I really like what you are building, I think it is a needed piece of the puzzle. Onward, Sacha -- JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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    Thanks Sacha.
  4. Congrats[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations Andy, your product has great potential, I know everyone at JBoss wishes you the best of luck!
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    Thanks Gavin!
  6. Congrats, Andy! "1.0 Milestone 6" I'll resist the temptation to ridicule you publically over your release numering/scheme. ;-) STAY METAL! Roy Russo
  7. Thanks Roy. Though really the congrats go to Drew Ladner, Aron Sogor, Mike Barker, Hoshi Seigo, Dave Czarnecki and Sergey Pozhilov. A lot of the biggest contributors to success make the least amount of noise. Of course this is just the beginning. -Andy