On December 11 2006, JetBrains announced the winners of their first ever IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Competition. Entrants had 2 months to come up with a winning plugin for the company's industry-changing Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA. More than 60 contestants from around the globe entered the competition. All plugins entered, including those selected by a panel of JetBrains senior engineers and managers as contest winners, are now freely available in the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository at http://plugins.intellij.net/ Five prize-winning plugin authors walked away with substantial cash prizes as well as free license for development tools provided by JetBrains and other sponsors which included Atlassian, ej-Technologies, FormDev Software, ProductiveMe, Sixth and Red River Software, and Smartdec. Three Honorable Mention winners received packages of free development tools software from the contest sponsors. The total value of all prizes awarded exceeded $25,000 USD. JetBrains and the other contest sponsors are pleased to extend congratulations to the following contest winners: First Prize: David Huo, Canada, for DBHelper, a productivity tool that helps developers work with databases within IntelliJ IDEA. Second Prize (1 of 2) and Team Leader's Choice Award: Sascha Weinreuter, Germany, for IntelliLang, which provides annotation based language injection and pattern validation, and more. Second Prize (2 of 2): Andre Rocha, Cleiton Diniz and Osvaldo Andrade, Brazil, for IntelliME J2ME Plugin, which helps to productively develop mobile applications with IntelliJ IDEA. Coolest Idea: Dmitry Kashin, Ukraine, for Key Promoter, which shows users how to easily perform any action via the keyboard in IntelliJ IDEA. 1st Honorable Mention Award: Ralf Quebbemann, Germany, for Maven 2 Integration, which provides integration with Maven 2 and Maven build management in IntelliJ IDEA. 2nd Honorable Mention Award: Sergiy Dubovik, Finland, for Tasks, a plugin that adds the tasks and to-do organizer capability to IntelliJ IDEA. 3rd Honorable Mention Award: Sanjeewa Ruwanpathirana, Sri Lanka, for Jar Tool, a full-featured tool to create and modify JAR archives directly from IntelliJ IDEA. JetBrains team is very pleased with the response to this first-ever IntelliJ IDEA plugin contest, because it not only helped the entire Java development community benefit from the new and enhanced functionality, but also cleary demonstrated how powerful the IntelliJ IDEA’s Open API is.