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    We are happy to announce the availability of version 1.0.3 of RMBench Relational Modeller for Eclipse. RMBench is designed to be the one-stop solution for graphical modelling of relational databases from inside the Eclipse IDE, offering advanced capabilities at a negligible price. It aims at supporting all major database systems, both commercial and open source, featuring both reverse engineering of existing databases and forward engineering by generating database-specific, online-executable SQL DDL. One of the many unique features is model differencing, where the state of the design model can be compared to an existing database. The model can be exported to a standalone HTML/Javascript site. The new version adds bug fixes and usability improvements. RMBench is available as a free community edition, and a moderately priced commercial edition. Download it immediately by pointing the Eclipse update manager at the URL http://rmbench.de/update.

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  2. Among so many Community Edition Relational modeller. Which tool is the best and most feature rich 'community edition' license? Mainly for Java / postgresql. RMBench has 3 diagram and 20 table limit. I'm try ermodeller at the moment.
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    there are (too :-) many other 100% free tools on the market: http://www.eclipseplugincentral.com/Web_Links-index-req-viewcatlink-cid-3.html my favorite is http://www.sqlexplorer.org/
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    Michael, RMBench is a graphical modeller, and not directed at administering databases, executing SQL and inspecting result sets (which is, if I am not mistaken, the focus of SQLExplorer). You can, however, execute DDL generated from the graphical model within RMBench. to the other poster - RMBench is clearly the best in its field ;) regards, Christian (admittedly biased)
  5. Hello, the community license has recently been pushed up to a 40 tables limit - that should get you pretty far IMO. And let me add that the price for the commercial edition is hardly worth mentioning either.. Christian