Squish started out as a professional automated GUI testing tool for applications based on different GUI technologies such as Qt, Tk and XView. Earlier this year froglogic released Squish/Web, a new edition for testing Web and Ajax applications in different browsers. The new Squish/Java edition takes advantage of Squish's mature testing framework while adding support for the standard Java GUI technologies Swing, AWT, SWT and RCP/Eclipse. Squish offers a versatile testing framework with a choice of popular test scripting languages (Python, JavaScript, Tcl and Perl) extended by test-specific functions, open interfaces, add-ons, integrations into test management systems, an IDE that supports the creation and debugging of tests and a set of command line tools facilitating fully automated test runs. Similar to pre-existing Squish editions, tests for Java applications can be automatically recorded or written manually. Using Squish Spy, verification and synchronization points can be inserted as easily as in every other edition by visually exploring the structure of a Java application. Squish/Java is already in use at customers who have already been testing other ports of their application using the respective Squish edition for a while. Now they are able to utilize Squish to test the Java version of their application. Previews of Squish/Java are available now. If you are interested in Squish/Java, or any other Squish edition, please contact squish at froglogic dot com. For more information, visit http://squish.froglogic.com.