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    hello friend, I am a beginner. I need a struts book. could you please recommend a good struts book. How about this book "Struts Complete Reference 1.2" by holmes. have a nice day. Krishna prasad

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    There's "Jakarta Struts Live" available for free on TSS. Greetings, Michael.
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    You want to begin... in the past?
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    hello mr christopher, I don't understand your quote "you want to the past?". what do you mean by that?.
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    How is the >?
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    Thank you friends, How about htese books. Professional Jakarta Struts by James Goodwill, Richard Hightower Mastering Jakarta Struts by James Goodwill are they as good as Struts In Action.
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    hi, Anyone have "Jakarta-Struts Live" ebook having all the chapters?. it is quite a good book and i have a ebook containg 8 chapters. i am in need of those remaining chapters. if anyone has that please let me know or tell me where/how to get that. thanks in advance
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    I believe that chirstian meant that the struts framework it is condered by a lot of people as an old framework and it have some problems that other frameworks have already solved, but that is a lot of companies that still work with that framework, for example, mine still does.