Stefan Tilkov has blogged about 10 principles of SOA. The principles introduce the fundamentals of service oriented architectures. In the follow on discussion to the blog focuses on shared context between parties. Though this object has many advantages, there are some obvious situations where sharing context is essential.
shared context is built up to make communication more efficient. That’s why the english language has pronouns. The act of communicating a reference to an object establishes a shared context.
Stefan's 10 principles are;
  • Services should contain explicit boundaries
  • Share contract and schema, not classes
  • Non functional capabilities should be policy-driven
  • Services should be autonomous to the outside world
  • Services are exposed using wire formats, not programming language APIs
  • Interactions should be document-oriented
  • SOA based system should loosely coupled in as many dimensions as practical
  • Standards-compliant
  • Vendor independence
  • Metadata-driven
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