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    hi all, I am new to j2ee, i have completed scjp want to go for next certification. which certification will be good for me if i want to go for the following EAI development : SCWCD,SCBCD or SCJWS? will web services be good as EAI involes connecting diffrent apps. thanks in advance . Any suggestions or opininons welcome.
  2. Why don't you get certifications for things that you _actually_ know? That way, there's a smaller chance that you won't get positions on projects for the sole reason of having a lot of worthless acronyms on your resume and proceed to infect them with shit code produced from your vast lack of experience?
  3. hi , as i have said in the posting i am new to J2EE , therefore i want to know which cert is better for pursuing EAI.thanks for ur info anyway
  4. Hi, JEE is vaste and learning it end to end is not a wise idea, however, as a first step, you can go forward with SCWCD certification, this will give you some fair idea abt JSPs/Servlets/JEE design patterns. 2 to 3 months preparation is fine to clear the exam, and additionally you will gain lot of insight about JEE platform in the learning process. ALL THE BEST!!! Piece of suggestion -> Learn SCWCD with lot of examples (code snippets) Thanks