Java Web Parts 1.0. components for web development, now available


News: Java Web Parts 1.0. components for web development, now available

  1. The Java Web Parts (JWP) team has announced the release of JWP 1.0 on the world. JWP is a project that provides small, reusable and largely independant Java components of interest to all web application developers. You can think of this project as being somewhat similar to the Jakarta Commons projects conceptually. JWP is comprised of a number of packages, each supplied in its own individual JAR, with little (ideally no) cross-dependency. The packages currently include:
    • AjaxParts - A collection of components for doing AJAX, including the very popular AjaxParts Taglib (APT Taglib)
    • Context - A collection of components for dealing with a servlet context including functionality to calculate the size of the context object
    • Filter - A collection of useful servlet filters including a Javascript compressor, a request recorder, a cross-site scripting filter, a compression filter and an IP access control filter
    • Listener - Context and Session listeners for various occassions including functionality to limit the number of concurrent sessions
    • Misc - Things that didn't fit anywhere else, including a very powerful CoR implementation and a utility to play back recorded sessions created with the session recorder filter (useful for automated load testing)
    • Taglib - Various tag libraries including some UI widgets, string utilities and a taglib to insert various useful Javascript functions
    • Servlet - A collection of servlets to fulfill common needs including one that can render a graphical representation of a string of text using various font styles
    • Request - Classes and functions for dealing with an HTTP request including functions to get various information about a request easily
    • Response - Classes and functions for dealing with an HTTP response including functionality to encode HTML entities in the response
    • Session - Classes and functions... eh, you see the pattern! (includes the ability to calculate the size of session, etc)
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  2. Congratulations to the JWP team! ________ MessAdmin, J2EE monitoring made easy!
  3. Welcome, I'm new in JSF technology I have a question: can somebody very short compare this components to the JSF's components (f.e. Tomahawk- ASF)? Thank's,
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm considered "somebody very short" at 5'9", but I know I'm not especially tall either, so I'll answer (LOL-sorry, I usually ignore grammatical and spelling mistakes, but that was too funny IMO) JWP doesn't really compare to JSF at all, other than there are a couple of UI widgets in JWP, but even that's a bit of a stretch :) JWP also offers some other things that JSF offers as well, or at least some JSF implementations, such as dependency injection (similar to Shale, but with some additional capabilities) and chain execution capabilities (also I believe something Shale offers). These are "components" in the sense that you would make use of them in your own applications, maybe your own frameworks even, each is a separate bit of code you can add, but they aren't components in the Tomahawk sense, in the UI sense. Hope that helps, Frank
  5. Thank you :)