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News: Geronimo 2.0 milestone 1 with Java EE support

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    Geronimo 2.0, milestone 1, has been released. This is a preview of Geronimo's Java EE implementation, with EJB 3, JPA, and the recent servlet/JSP specifications. This is only a preview, so things aren't stable, but it's definitely worth looking at, if only because of the Java EE implementation. Geronimo brings some excellent web-driven management features, such as the ability to configure and download plugins directly from the administration console. It also does a good job of suggesting reasonable deployment settings based on the tasks being chosen. With Java EE support, Geronimo joins many other vendors (Sun, BEA, Tmax, JBoss, and SAP, among others) in implementing the new specification, making it more available for Java developers. This release isn't certified yet (as most aren't, as of this writing), but one can expect reasonable compliance to the specification, with certification surely coming soon.

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  2. queue Hani with the obligatory comment regarding the uselessness of yet another OS app server and the stellar performance of the Geronimo effort.
  3. Hrmph, since I was summoned, might as well chip in with my unhelpful and unasked for opinion: It's interesting what's happened to Geronimo. From what I can see, it's basically become an integration project, subsisting on charity donations from more capable people. We continue to see G lacking in any innovation, awash in pointless features, and woefully behind any real appservers, with the only glimmer at the end of the tunnel being the scraps that other more capable people throw in its general direction. Wake me up when the development team is fired and developers who understand end users are brought on, then we just might have something that dares look in the general direction of jboss without bending over, quaking in boots,soiled panties round scrawny ankles (gosh, who knew mixed metaphors could be so much fun?)
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    I don't know what your problem is with respect to mysoginist lingo, but I am convinced that your anti-Java bent is crystal clear: you only want certain vendors to succeed, and will go to all lengths to make it happen in one way or the other (don't you sit on some policy board for Java?). I see your hope that Geronimo die as a thinly veiled reference to support of WebLogic's closed model, and were it not for overwhelming evidence to the contrary on JBoss and Glassfish would attempt to discredit those platforms. I see Geronimo as vital, step 1 for the Java community to get away from un-portable apps, for as we have seen with the great WebLogic hype, we also have suffered under the great WebSphere debacle. IBM has done a great service to J2EE by abiding by competitive principles, though having an inferior product-line. Now by rectifying the model of closed systems, and the introduction of JEE 5 support, IBM can put the goal of pre-built, inter-operable apps and components squarely as the sole differentiator in the marketplace, which is something that will become measurable for developers. You have chosen the wrong path by attempting to become the de facto negative energy standard that causes rancor in the Java community, as anyone knows software development is a process not a supposed end-game, as you suggest or at least imply. Stand down from your attempts to derail certain projects, or rather have at it, you become increasingly irrelevant as we move to JEE...
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    Hani may seem demented, but it's all for humor. Life is far too short to take jokes seriously. peter
  6. Did Geronimo 1.0 ever get finished? I have been holding off trying Geronimo until a production version was released.
  7. For release dates, see: Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: The Java Data Grid
  8. Excellent...this comment made my day :) Yup, January last year. 1.2-beta is ready now (just missing CORBA support) and we've made some performance improvements for EJBs. Also, it has OpenJPA and Global JNDI now if that is of interest.
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    Anybody have any hands-on experience with the Geronimo EJB 3 implementation? The release notes say "EJB 3.0 (JPA only)". When will EJB3 be supported? Any details on Open EJB? I haven't really ever heard of them. How does their EJB3 stack up against JBoss EJB3, WebLogic/Kodo EJB3 or Glassfish/Toplink EJB3?
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    openjpa is the red haired stepchild of kodo, so it should work as well, hopefully with little to no degredation.
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    openjpa and openejb are different orgs - former is BEA/Kodo spinoff while latter is Richard Monson-Haefel et al. initiative. From perusing the Geronimo 2.0 jars, I see openjpa-all-0.9.6-incubating.jar. When will Geronimo support the non-JPA portion of EJB3?
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    You are correct that the EJB portion of the EJB3 implementation will come from OpenEJB. OpenEJB 3 will be integrated into Geronimo in our Milestone 2 release (targeted for the end of January).