iPoint Portal 2.3 Released, with new portlets and versioning capabilities


News: iPoint Portal 2.3 Released, with new portlets and versioning capabilities

  1. iPoint Portal 2.3 has been released. iPoint portal is an open source JSR 168 compatible portal designed to give end users the power to build a fully featured collaborative portal directly from a web browser without technical expertise. iPoint comes prebuilt with many portlets including integrated WYSIWYG content editing, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Support for inbound and outbound RSS, Articles, Calendars, News, Document Repositories and many more. This new release adds full content versioning; Yahoo Maps Portlet; Logged in Users Portlet; Content Publication Dates; Security on Portlet Types and many more bug fixed and additions. iPoint has two versions, an open-source version free for download and installation, and an enterprise version, available for £5000 for a single CPU per year, that provides support capabilities, a CRM portlet, and a Commercial Enterprise Source License. Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com

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  2. Currently, their site is down and greeting guests with an "Internal Server Error". Before the site went down, I was able to download the portal. I've attempted to run their supplied CreateDatabase_OE.sql script with mysql, but I receive errors about the syntax. I was intrigued by this portal because it looked like it would be easy to install on an existing Tomcat installation. Sadly, there appear to be a few issues with it and I've given up until I can search their site for answers.
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    Can you please post the SQL error either on our public forums or on here so we can take a look. iPoint requires MySQL 5 or above.
  4. It will be nice to have an embeded database version of IPoint portal for those of us who just want to see the functionality before we worry about doing any configuration. If you follow the example of Liferay Portal it will be nice. Initial downloading and running the portal should be very easy using an embedded database.
  5. We will have a look at the possibility of a distribution that uses an embedded database for future releases, although our current plans are to continue to focus on MySQL as the primary target DB.
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    Haven't fired up the app yet, but it would be VERY NICE if the installation and "How Do I" pages etc would have a printer-friendly option (on the web-site pages). Regards, Tom
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    I have turned on the print friendly view option for the documentation portlet. I hope this helps. Matt
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    Apologies for occasional server down time but we keep getting DOS attacks from IP addresses and We are working to prevent these attacks Thanks Steve