Coldtags suite 2.9 released: web components with extended AJAX components


News: Coldtags suite 2.9 released: web components with extended AJAX components

  1. Coldbeans Software has announced the major new release of Coldtags suite. Version 2.9 provides 290+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by Java web developers. Coldtags suite is a fast growing Web Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolbox that radically accelerates your development for the J2EE architecture without additional Java programming. This version includes extended set of Ajax components, updated code base for the majority of UI controls as well a lot of new reusable components cover the most often used areas in web development. The taglibs aren't always a drop-in solution, occasionally requiring modifications to the source JSP pages for inclusions of style sheets, JavaScript files, etc., but the set of tags should make many common tasks far easier than hand-rolled solutions. Message was edited by:
  2. yawn
  3. yawn
  4. My mother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, ..." :-) Seriously, I hate to see comments like the above since many developers have worked hard on some of these various libraries, which is good for the Java community. Rather than "yawn", perhaps you guys could provide some feedback about the Coldtags library that the development team could take back and evaluate. What is it about the product that has you so disinterested? With the wide variety of tags they have to offer, there must be something about the library that you think is missing. Just something to consider ... Joe Pardi dotJ Software
  5. Indeed, we used some of these tags in our projects and they are a very useful. They save a lot of work (time is money) for a very cheap price.