Apache Synapse graduates, releases 0.91


News: Apache Synapse graduates, releases 0.91

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    The Apache Synapse project is pleased to announce that it has graduated from the Apache Incubator and become a full member of the Apache Web Services project. This is a recognition of the hard work of the team in creating a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) mediation broker project that meets the Apache Software Foundations guidelines for community, processes and approach. To celebrate, the Synapse team has released 0.91 of the project. Apache Synapse is a lightweight, high-performance broker for routing and mediating XML messages. It is designed to be the basis of a highly manageable XML-oriented Enterprise Service Bus. It has support for logging, routing, and transforming all kinds of XML messages including XML/HTTP, SOAP, JMS, and others. It supports a number of open standards including XSLT, XPath, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Security, WS-Policy and WS-Addressing. The highlights of the release include:
    • Content-based routing using XPath 1.0
    • Configurable Message logging based on Apache Commons Logging
    • Support for XML and SOAP over JMS, tested with Apache ActiveMQ
    • Initiation and termination of WS-Reliable Messaging 1.0
    • Authentication and Authorization using WS-Security 1.1
    • Support for remote configuration via HTTP-based registries
    • Extensible using Java and scripting languages, including support for JavaScript, E4X, JRuby, and other scripting languages

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  2. Congratulations Paul on the release. I have been recommending the investigation of Synapse to clients and will continue to do so.
  3. Thanks John[ Go to top ]

    Thanks very much John. If you ever want more information or need help on a project let me know. Paul
  4. what about Axis ?[ Go to top ]

    Axis and this project do a lot of similar things. So why this new project ? What is the future of Axis ?
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    Shawn Synapse is something different from Axis/Axis2. Instead of being an endpoint, it is an intermediary. So you can use it along side Axis, Axis2, .NET, JAX-WS, and other web services toolkits. One useful thing you can do is to add function to an existing running web service without re-coding or maybe needing to upgrade your server. So for example, you could add support for WS-Trust and SecureConversation to an existing service that didn't support those protocols by adding new function into the proxy layer. Paul