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News: Taylor MDA 0.0.4 Released

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    The Taylor team is excited to announce the release of Taylor MDA 0.0.4. Taylor MDA is an Eclipse-based UML modeling tool that specializes in the generation of JEE5 applications (including Java EE EJB- and JMS-based applications, as well as portlet applications.) Taylor uses a convention-based code generation approach so that the maximum amount of code can be generated from streamlined UML models. In addition, it leverages UML Stereotypes to generate Java 5 annotations into your classes. Features ============= Modeling ------------------------------- * Model Requirements with Actor & Use Case diagrams * Model Entities and Services with Class diagrams * Model Business Processes with Activity diagrams * Model User Interface Page Flows with State Machine diagrams Code Generation ------------------------------- * Generate Ejb3 Entity Beans from UML Classes * Generate Java 5 Enumerations from UML Enumerations * Generate CRUD JSF/Seam/Portlets with SFSB Managed Beans and Facelets and Localization * Generate Ejb3 SLSB Web Services from UML Interfaces * Generate dependency injection based on UML dependency notation * Generate JaxWS Clients from UML Interfaces * Generate MBeans from UML Interfaces * Generate business processes from Activity diagrams * Generate all deployment descriptors * Generate Maven Ejb3, Jar, War, and Ear projects * Generate Maven APT documentation from UML comments * Generate JUnit tests for SLSBs and Seam CRUD components which leverage the JBoss Ejb3 embedded container Reverse Engineering ------------------------------- * Reverse engineer database schema into class diagrams * Reverse engineer Java 5 annotations into UML Stereotypes * Reverse engineer WSDL into interface diagrams Architecture ------------------------------- * Powered by Eclipse 3.2, UML2, GMF, and JET * XMI file format * Customizable code generation based on plugins * Code merging with JMerge * Supports model partitioning and versioning

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    Nice job on this. I like that it's a simplified uml editor based off of the Eclipse UML2 infrastructure, though it's currently a bit awkward having to mouse between the diagram, navigator and properties view to add things like Entity properties. I really like that it's easy to override the JET templates used in generation. I found that the plugin worked exactly as described on the site.
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    Does anyone know a free open source UML tool as Eclipse plugin that generate code from UML class diagrams and back? bye, [email protected]
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    Try this : Acceleo ! It's a very powerful MDA Generator.
    Does anyone know a free open source UML tool as Eclipse plugin that generate code from UML class diagrams and back?

    [email protected]
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    Congrats on the release and rock on. - Ryan