Java EE apis now in Maven 2 repository


News: Java EE apis now in Maven 2 repository

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    Ludovic Champenois has pointed out that the Java EE API jars are now in the Maven 2 repository, along with a sample pom.xml that shows how to include the Java EE APIs in your maven project. One comment points out that the branding change between J2EE and Java EE might cause a problem in migrating - because it requires a change to the artifact names in addition to the artifact versions. It's a good point, but chances are that the migration to a different name is a Good Thing, because the Java EE brand can manage version numbers more clearly than the J2EE brand can. (To wit: "Java EE 6" will sound better than "J2EE 1.6," or "J2EE 6.")
  2. Muh guess is that most of them thar maven 2 users are probably using an in-house repository that follows these here suggestions: One thing better about that thar maven-recommended approach is that yall can cherry-pick the API versions you'uns want fer yer appuhmuhkayshuns. What a waskal!
  3. This is a Maven 1 Repo, Not Maven 2[ Go to top ]

    Am I missing something? The directory breakout is a legacy maven repo, not a Maven 2 repository. Granted, you are able to reference older repos from Maven 2, but it's definately not the same thing.
  4. Actually if you look at the main repository you'll see most of the jee artifacts using the standard naming convention: I think this makes more sense than making a new groupId..