JInspired has released JXInsight 5.0, their performance monitoring, problem diagnostic, transaction analysis and application management solution. This tool can monitor multiple resource transactional units of work across distributed systems recording resource consumption and response for transaction patterns and contextual paths. In a given run, JXInsight is able to associate problems with symptoms and other elements contributing to a problem. A screenshot provided by JInspired shows a case where a single method call used three transactions and closed a JDBC connection unnecessarily, for example. It also provides some user enhancements; for example, instead of eliminating filtered data from the display, it can show it without emphasis, which can make problem analysis much faster (by allowing users to remove the filtering, displaying the relevant data.) This is an enhancement because data that's not displayed is assumed naturally to not exist, while actual performance tuning shows that... well... it tends to exist after all. JXInsight is a commercial product. A single-CPU edition can be purchased for $850USD for a single license; a multiple-CPU version is $5000USD for two CPUs and $1000USD for additional CPUs. There are other products in the same line, and bulk purchases can lower the price of the product.