disadvantages of hibernate and spring framework


General J2EE: disadvantages of hibernate and spring framework

  1. Hi guys, can anybody list out real time disadvantages of hibernate and spring framework ?
  2. It makes people lazy because they're so god damned easy to use.
  3. Good luck. Not much out there. And what is out there does not seem very mature.
  4. Harder to pretend it takes a month to write Database access code. makes code easier to test, and loosely coupled(spring) learning curve is lower than EJBs...though understanding of the J2EE specification is good!
  5. One problem with it could be obsolescence. Think about how the J2EE spec has changed in version 5, and how there are a glut of application server vendors making these radical changes a reality. I worry that we could end up with Spring falling out of fashion. I feel this has a precedent, for example 'Struts' seems to be loosing ground now (ironically) to the likes of SpringMVC. Couldn't the same thing happen to Spring? I've been around a while, and one thing has been constant - J2EE. It's had ups and downs but its always been there, well documented and well supported. Its also got an astonishingly good open source solution in the form of JBoss, so even cost isn't much of a problem. JEE 5 looks simpler than Spring, and has Hibernate stuff built in. I'd keep an eye on it.
  6. Although not compliant with standard or spec, highly reccomended for building web applications. Will run into problem with high end application involving clustering etc. For new projects I would seriously look into POJO based EJB3. EJB3 java persistence is essentially a standard based wrapper around OR tools like Hibernate, Toplink etc, depending on the app server vendor. Pranab