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    JOSSO, or Java Open Single Sign-On, is an open source J2EE-based SSO infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized platform neutral user authentication. What's new in 1.5 : * Fully transparent and configuration-free cross-organization/cross-domain Single Sign-On brings simplified mid-end and high-end IdM deployments. * Supports programmatic authentication for remote SOAP clients. * Improved protocol allows more secure SSO message exchange through out-of-band centric messaging. * Added support in PHP and ASP interfaces for leveraging cross-organization/cross-domain SSO and programmatic authentication. * Runs in JBoss 4.0.5.GA and 3.2.8 SP1 application servers * Runs in Jakarta Tomcat 5.5.20+ web container * Includes extensibility enhancements and bug fixes Download from : JOSSO's main features include: * 100% Java with JDK5 compatibility * JAAS-based Transparent Single Sign-On across multiple applications and hosts * Built-in with a Pluggable Framework to allow the implementation of multiple authentication schemes and stores * Provides Identity information to web applications and EJBs through the standard Servlet and EJB Security API respectively * Supports Strong Authentication using X.509 client certificates * Comes with a Reverse Proxy component that can be used to create n-tier Single Sign-On configurations * Support for transparent cross-organization/cross-domain Single Sign-On. * LDAP support for storing user information and credentials * Microsoft Active Directory support for LDAP integration * Database support for storing user information and credentials * XML support for storing user information and credentials * Avalability of Jakarta Tomcat and JBoss bundles * Client API for PHP. This allows to build SSO-enabled PHP applications * Client API for Microsoft ASP. This allows to build SSO-enabled ASP applications * Support for allowing SSO Monitoring and Management through JMX * Pluggable Event and Auditing management * Support for clustered Single Sign-On deployments * Compatibility with Apache Pluto Portlet Container * Standards Based: JAAS, Web Services/SOAP, EJB, Struts, Servlet/JSP * Commercial-Friendly. Released under the BSD License

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  2. How can i use JOSSO with Apache GeroNimo? I think that i can configure Geronimo to use tomcat cotainer.. but i need to find it out. I wanna implement sso solution for our portals.. i have tried many opensource alternative OpenSSO Kerberos with JAAS Yale CAS SPNEGO but each has some limitation Kerberos requires user profile to be stored in ActiveDirectory JOSSO doesnt work with other server excepting Tomcat jboss Spnego is same as kerberos requires active directory OpenSSO doent have more documentation available Yale doesnt support roles/groups i need to support groups/roles also Sudhir nimavat (sudhir_nimavat at
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    Single Sign on is for authentication. "Yale doesnt support roles/groups" roles/groups is authorization. They are two completely different things. Authentication is where the user proves who they are. Authorization is where the system decides what that user can do. Once you start getting into your project, you will see that it is dangerous to mix the two together. You will have your authorization spread out all over the place if you do that. Authorization must go into an application and in your model, it will be in the application and the single sign on tool. That will mean that you have to keep the two in sync which will be difficult when you have many applications that depend on the single sign on service. It is very good that CAS doesn't support authorization.
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    Ya i very well know that both are very different. But at any point i need to figure out the roles/rights of the user who has just signed on using SSO. I think JOSSO supports role/groups isnt it? ACEGI provides support for Authorization on the top of Yale CAS. I dint mean to mix both authentication and authorization togather. But at least i need to connect authentication with authorization so i can figure out what roles or permissions are given to a perticular prinipal/subject.
    Once you start getting into your project, you will see that it is dangerous to mix the two together
    Im not going to mix both. but i wanna develop support for Authentication in SSO environment. just like wat ACEGI does. My problem is not only Authorization but i also need support for RDBMS We have user profiles in mysql. i wanted to user Kerberos with JAAS but it doesnt support RDBMS JOSSO doent support other servers excepting tomcat/jboss ACEGI will do for me but its strongly coupled with Spring. And currently we dont have any plan to use Spring in this Project(Im already using ACEGI in some other project)
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    Hi Jay I have been looking for a system that can provide web applications with simple access control based on resource name. For example: I want to hide the link for "ADD NEWS" option for users that have no authority to add news on my site. I would like to do something like this: IF hasAccess("ADD NEWS") THEN "draw the link on the page so user can click on it" ELSE "draw nothing (user does not see the link)" I am using CAS for authentication and have been reading about Shoji KAJITA's and Hisashi NAITO's CAS^2 for authorization but they have never release any code Appreciate your response
  6. If you want to achieve Geronimo compatibility, you can implement a specific Agent by leveraging the JOSSO plugin framework. I'd suggest you have a look at the tomcat and jboss JOSSO plugin source code.
  7. Ya.. thts wat i was thinking Sudhir nimavat
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  9. want it be much more to just get SSO? sudhir