Hyperic Releases HQ 3.0.0 - Web Infrastructure Management


News: Hyperic Releases HQ 3.0.0 - Web Infrastructure Management

  1. Hyperic HQ 3.0.0 has been released. Hyperic HQ is an asset management package for data centers, showing users application, hardware, and resource data including system loads and availability. Hyperic HQ allows you to track log events and configuration changes, plan alert escalations, and see trends in how the application stack performs. There are two main releases of Hyperic: an open source version, and an enterprise version. The open source version provides all of the basic tools necessary to manage an infrastructure, is available free, and supports many popular application servers, databases, and operating systems. The enterprise edition adds trending, access control (to control visibility into assets) and extends alert response capabilities as well as adding scheduled events (for maintenance, etc.) Message was edited by: [email protected]

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    If you haven't had a chance to check out Hyperic, you should. I spent a lot of time looking at tools such as Nagios, Big Brother, OpenNMS and Zabbix and had problems with all of them, but Hyperic was so simple to install with its automated discovery of services that I had a simple monitoring network up in just a few hours. I briefly tried out a few of the 3.0 betas, but didn't really have the time to do much more than a quick look. But it looked nice. I believe one of the major changes from 2.x was that they replaced EJBs (or at least entity beans) with Hibernate. Should be interesting to see how this affects performance and whether I'll be able to run the app out of something like Tomcat or Resin. Anyways, congratulations on the release. --Tim
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    Thanks for the feedback, Tim. Yes, the 3.0 product includes (in addition to new features), some key architectural changes to the platform which involved quite a bit of engineering work. The challenge of porting from EJB2 to Hibernate in a complex app like HQ was so big, our technical team has documented the conversion process and will be releasing it as a set of technical articles coming out shortly. As the guy who originally helped choose EJB2 (hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time! :), I highly encourage folks to check out the series, and also to check out HQ itself. -javier CEO, Co-Founder Hyperic, Inc.