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    Iconstruct Java client from WSDL file using Axis1.4. Using that client we are able to invoke the WebService method. WSDL exposed multiple WS methods for invocation. 1. getTransactionIDRQ 2. packageSearchAvailRQ 3. propertySearchAvailRQ Where getTransactionIDRQ has been invoked with out any parameter(s) and it is working fine. But next two methods receive request (i.e PackageAvailRequest) instance as parameter. We have to set some value into the request object using setter method where this setter method receives object as parameter (i.e. setVendorID(VendorID obj)). Now our requirement is to set String value into variable (i.e. vendorID = “1221?) but there is no setter, getter method or overridden constructor to set this string value in the request instance so we cannot able to initialize the variable. Due to that WS cannot execute properly and we are not getting the required result. But the client, rather request object, generated by RAD6.0 and WebSphere combination can accept the value as String in the setter method (i.e. setVendorID(String strVal)) of request object and we can easily execute the WS method and retrieve the required output from server side. But we have to use Axis1.4 as per client specification. If there is any solution then please let me know.
  2. did you try all the options for generating the stubs , in RAD?