Gabi S. explains how you can integrate the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) with Spring in a monster sized blog entry. The soup to nuts entry, which looks more like a tutorial, is complete with everything you need to complete the job. Gabi’s motivation for the blog entry is two fold. First Gabi explains the suddenness that the GWT gained popularity.
GWT is light, easy, browser compatible, has a simple RPC mechanism, Junit integration, dynamic, reusable UI components, you can use your favorite Java IDE to develop your application and use any GWT library you need
With this sudden acceptance of the GWT, Gabi was expecting to find more in the way of "how to" documentation. This posting goes a long way to correct this short coming. The example is quite complete in that it not only includes client site interactions, it also include use of the AsyncCallBack interface. This is a must read if you are looking to use the GWT in your Spring application.