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    JavaBin, the Norwegian JavaUsers Group has announced a call for papers for the 2007 edition of JavaZone. The event will take place in Olso Norway on September 12 and 13. 2007 marks the 6th year that this event will be held. Last year was a massive success with more than 1400 attendees enjoying over 90 sessions in six parallel tracks. The list of speakers was an impressive lineup of internationally known names that included Rod Johnson, John Crupi, Eric Evans, Kevlin Henney, Tom Gilb, Bruce Tate and Ted Neward. Leading evangelists in the community rate JavaZone as one of the most important Java events in Europe. The conference offers a combination of technical talks and panels in an intimate atmosphere with 2000 - 2400 expected participants. Talks will be held in both English (50%) and Norwegian (50) and will include:
    • Technical presentations
    • BOFs
    • Social happenings
    • Partner expo
    This year's JavaZone will cover the following topics:
    • Core Java, AOP and utilities
    • Enterprise application development and integration
    • Java Web Technologies
    • Embedded, Mobile and Gaming
    • Experience reports
    • Methodology and Business
    Please send your ideas for this year's talk to program at java dot no before April 30, 2007. You can find more detail at the JavaZone website.
  2. 'tis a pity that half of the sessions will be in norwegian.
  3. 'Tis a pity that the people in Norway are listening to talks in their own language? The travesty! I had the privilege of speaking their last year, and it was an excellent conference, even for a non-Norwegian such as myself. (Even if I did get stuck in London airports, missed my originally scheduled talk, and only saw 1 day of the conference - Oi!) Dan Diephouse
  4. Even if I did get stuck in London airports, missed my originally scheduled talk, and only saw 1 day of the conference

    Dan Diephouse
    No one noticed until you told us though :-) I have to agree with Dan, it's an excellent conference and well organised, well worth the visit even if some of the irrelevant talks are in Norwegian. :-) There were a lot of non-Norwegian people there and the atmosphere is great. -John-
  5. Thank you, Dan and John. It was great having you over. Hope to see you back this year :-) We have moved to a bigger venue and have increased the capacity to 2400 delegates, but we still intend to keep the intimate JavaZone atmosphere. :-) Regarding the language: Norwegaians in general speak good English. Many of our Norwegian speakers will give their talk in English, if asked. Tobias Torrissen
  6. 'tis a pity that half of the sessions will be in norwegian.
    It's remarkable that half the presentations will be in a foreign language - and that the foreign language will not cause the locals any problems. Can you imagine that happening in any English speaking countries? UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, .... no way!
  7. 'tis a pity that half of the sessions will be in norwegian.
    I just had a look at the list of presentations for 2006. As far as I could count, 8 out of 99 presentations were in norwegian. Geir
  8. Ok. Tx for the information. I'm used to going to Javapolis and that's all in english although speakers come from belgium and germany etc. Would be interesting to visit Norway!
  9. Hi Joost, I have been to both events (JavaPolis and JavaZone) as a speaker and participant and they are great events. I would personally rate them as contenders for the top 2 positions when it comes to Java related conferences in the World, and not just in Europe. They are extremely well organized and the venues are great. Can also recommend Oslo as a city (if you are traveling there) since it provides an additional appeal to the JavaZone conference with nice bars and restaurants etc... Tobias, thanks again for JavaZone 2006. It was a fantastic conference. Jonas Jacobi
  10. I've always enjoyed JavaZone. The Java community in Norway is amazingly large and active given the population, and attendees seem to be at a high level too: there is a lot of advanced work going on in Norwegian projects. The organizers deserve to be congratulated: they've built up a great event. Go if you can!
  11. I have have to agree, JavaZone is a great event. I always enjoy talking there, the skill level and enthusiasm is awesome and the language differences are barely noticable. Most of the tracks are in English and very coherent. Cheers, Ross
  12. I have a novice query ....what exactly is "Call For Papers ....?" How does the whole process work ?
  13. I have a novice query ....what exactly is "Call For Papers ....?" How does the whole process work ?
    From wikipedia: "A call for papers (CfP) is a method used in academic and other contexts for collecting book or journal articles or conference presentations. A CfP usually is sent to interested parties, describing the broad theme, the occasion for the CfP, formalities such as what kind of abstract (summary) has to be submitted to whom and a deadline." Basicly you submit an abstract of the talk you wish to give. Guidelines for JavaZone abstracts can be found here: The program committee then evaluates the abstract and sends feedback and comments. After the CfP has closed, the committee selects the talks that will be accepted in the conference program. JavaZone is not an academic conference, so we do not require academic papers. An abstract for a presentation will do. Thanks, Tobias