The TSSJS-Europe 2007 session schedule has been posted! The second annual international TSSJS features 40 break-out sessions, 3 keynotes, an evening of BOFs, and an impressive speaker line-up, including:
  • JRuby core developer, Ola Bini
  • author of Agile Software Development in the Large, Jutta Eckstein
  • Google software architect, Gregor Hohpe
  • GWT Tech Lead, Bruce Johnson
  • author of Beginning EJB 3 Application Development, Raghu Kodali
  • Senior IT architect at IBM, Mark Richards
  • Sun Java Champion and author of Server Component Patterns, Eberhard Wolff
We’ve expanded our focus on SOA, Spring, Grids and Ajax, and will offer in-depth sessions on agile development, performance tuning, Spring-based architectures, OSGi, advanced topics in the JPA, and more. The entire TSSJS-Europe schedule is online, so you can check it out as you like. Remember, register by April 20th and select a free book. Choices include: Mastering EJB 3.0, Professional Java, JDK Edition, Understanding AJAX, Pro Apache Tomcat 6 and 25 more. Register for TSSJS-Europe now!