IONA adds C24's Integration Objects to Artix ESB


News: IONA adds C24's Integration Objects to Artix ESB

  1. IONA, a provider of SOA infrastructure products, has announced the acquisition of Century 24 Solutions (C24), a London-based financial services message standards specialist. The company will combine C24's Integration Objects (IO) product with its own transport integration offerings, including IONA's Artix Enterprise Service Bus. TSS had a chance to interview John Davies, CTO and Co-Founder of C24, who will also be giving a keynote on "The Investment Banking Technology Stack" at TheServerSide Java Symposium later this month. What is the extent of the partnership between the organizations? John Davies. We have been working together for a good year now and have several common clients. Until now we had a re-seller's agreement in place and worked closely with several clients. TSS. What's the main benefit that your users can expect from this merger? JD. From an IONA point of view the users can expect more functionality and better data integration, from a C24 point of view we have gone from a hand full of developers to several dozen, there's now a lot more we can do that we couldn't do before, it's a win-win combination. TSS. Which products are included in the partnership? JD. C24 has only one product, Integration Objects (IO), this is the only product IONA have acquired. TSS. Is this a complete merger or will C24 to operate part of their business independently? JD. This is a complete acquisition, not a merger. The C24 business will be completely absorbed by IONA. TSS. What are the benefits for enterprise development organizations regarding this partnership? JD. C24 provides the ultimate data integration, IONA provides the ultimate in transport integration, the combination is the most powerful ESB and distributed SOA solution on the market. TSS. Are there any benefits for independent and open-source developers? JD. IONA have a strong presence in open source with Celtix. There are no official announcements on Celtix relating to C24's IO but it is clear that there are significant gains to be made by using C24's parsers and generated code with Celtix, watch this space. TSS. Can you provide a time line for the companies products combined? JD. Artix and IO are fully functional as a single solution today, we've been working together for over a year now. Tighter integration will take place over the next few months. TSS. Given C24's presence in the financial services markets, are there any new markets that could open to both companies' products because of this partnership? JD. As stated, C24's market to date is clearly wholesale banking. The product however is generic, IO already supports some of the EDIFACT standards for example. We've been speaking to the HL-7 standards body for some time now so with IONA resources we should expect to see several new standards in at least two other verticals. TSS. Are there any end-of-life support issues for existing C24 customers after the transition? JD. Nothing is end of life, apart from perhaps our famous bar bills. C24 was a very forward thinking company and we like to think we were leading edge.
  2. Congratulations, John (and Wayne and Simon)!
    Nothing is end of life, apart from perhaps our famous bar bills.
    I hear you're going to be speaking at the TSS Symposium, and the rumo[u]r is that you're going to pick up all the bar tabs! Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: Data Grid
  3. Congrats John and Wayne! I hear you're going to be speaking at the TSS Symposium, and the rumo[u]r is that you're going to pick up all the bar tabs! Yeah, thats what I heard too, See you at the bar :)
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    Congrats John. It's been a while since I came to see you in Waterloo. I hope your old email still works. Just sent you a message.
  5. John, congrats again. The long anticipated announcement:-) Ilya Sterin
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    Congratulations to John, Wayne and the rest of the team. As a long-time user of IO, I'm interested to see the results of the synergy between the 2 companies. Marc Binck
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    Congrats, John & co! This was a great move by IONA.
  8. Congrats to the team of C24 and also to IONA, to extend their SOA Infrastructure Solutions with the integration of powerful solutions how IO. At this point also a special Thx to John Davies for his extensive and very interesting articles and postings here on TSS - up to now and hopefully following in the future. Roland