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    Retrotranslator Maven Plugin version 1.0-alpha-2 has been released. It can translate JAR and WAR projects written in Java 5 and produce Maven artifacts compatible with J2SE 1.4. In addition it allows to translate specific classes and jar files. Retrotranslator supports all Java 5 language features and much of the API. Supported features include generics, annotations, reflection on generics and annotations, enums, autoboxing, for-each loop, varargs, covariant return types, formatted output, static import, concurrency utilities, and collections framework enhancements. Java 6 to Java 5 conversion is supported too, but no backported packages have been provided out of the box.
  2. Great stuff! Retrotranslator really rocks! The idea of being able to upgrade to the latest/greatest JVM for development while still generating bytecode that works on older JVMs is awesome - I'm surprised Sun hasn't helped on this as it really does help with quicker adoption of newer JVMs. Am looking forward to using this plugin on ActiveMQ 5.0 when we flick the switch to use Java 5 in development but still support 1.4 as a deployment platform. James LogicBlaze Open Source SOA
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    This reminds me of a previous thread where someone saw astroturfing going on.
  4. How is this different/better than the built in compiler "Cross-Compilation Options" for targeting a vm? "target" is a sun javac compiler comand line option.Also, I beleive that maven supports source and target as elements in the compiler plugin configuration. org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler-plugin 1.5 1.4
  5. This combination of source and target is not supported by javac and also Retrotranslator gives you much of J2SE 5.0 API like concurrency utilities and formatted output. Recently Brian Goetz wrote an article about using Java 5 features in JDK 1.4 in the Java theory and practice column at IBM developerWorks. Taras Disclaimer: I develop Retrotranslator.