Voting Begins on $18,000 Purse for Windward Reports Film Contest


News: Voting Begins on $18,000 Purse for Windward Reports Film Contest

  1. An online film contest sponsored by Windward Studios officially closed its doors on March 1st in order to begin voting today. The contest, which will yield $18,000 in prize money to some of the makers of the short films, has been accessible on YouTube and the Windward Reports website for over six months. Now, contestants will wait in anticipation as viewers of the videos cast their votes in the upcoming weeks. The film contest was developed to generate internet buzz and to cultivate the growing online film community after Windward Reports experienced great success with its first attempt at viral marketing – a short, comical video designed and produced by the Barats and Bereta team. Titled “Cubicle Wars,? the video was commissioned by Windward Reports in August 2006 in order to leverage alternative methods of marketing and grab the attention of developers in an off-beat manner. After “Cubicle Wars? made a big splash on YouTube, Windward Reports’ founder, David Thielen, began to look further into the opportunities that viral marketing can provide. The contest was developed as a way for the company to continue drawing attention to its business in a way that both informs and entertains. Entries were encouraged to be creative and short, and filmmakers were tasked only with mentioning Windward Reports and producing something amusing to software developers. Since September 2006, over one million visitors of YouTube have come into contact with the contest and have helped generate an enormous amount of buzz around both the videos and the product that has fueled their existence. There is no proof that the film contest has helped sell any copies of our software but we’re perfectly fine with that. The intention was not to sell product, it was to sell our brand image, and I think this contest has succeeded in doing just that. Today, at its closing, the contest has 35 entries from filmmakers across the nation eager to get their hands on some of the prize money. Voting is currently being held online at Starting April 2nd, at the end of each week, the competitor with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated, with $10,000 eventually awarded to the entrant that comes in first place. For contest rules or to view entries submitted to date, please go to

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  2. And voting also begins for American Idle. WTF does this have to do with TSS?
  3. It must because the site was developed using .NET? LOL!!!
  4. Are you saying American Idle (sic) isn't worth paying attention to? Blasphemy! Actually, I promoted it because I thought the videos were funny and technically-related - think about the TSS cartoons, which weren't really "TSS content" but were certainly funny enough.
  5. I posted it here because it is sponsored by Windward Reports which is a Java (and .NET) reporting engine. So... 1) Most of the videos are geard toward programmers. 2) It is being funded by a Java enterprise system. 3) I was hoping it would give people something to laugh about when they watched the videos. thanks - dave
  6. I posted it here because it is sponsored by Windward Reports which is a Java (and .NET) reporting engine. So...

    1) Most of the videos are geard toward programmers.

    2) It is being funded by a Java enterprise system.

    3) I was hoping it would give people something to laugh about when they watched the videos.

    thanks - dave
    You were hoping to get extra publicity for the buck spent. Period. Good job!
  7. way to be on topic!...[ Go to top ]

    ...this post is truly sad. Why is it that people post off topic things to various forums?... is it that TSS is the only plane they have external contact and so is the only place they can share it?... If the title that goes with a post doesn't seem TSS relevant, do us a favor and post it it somewhere else.
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    Relax a minute from taking yourself so seriously. I, for one, enjoy the occasional offbeat post, and (IMO) it's not as off-topic as you seem to think.
  9. Lighten up[ Go to top ]

    lighten up people, it is funny, why do you need any further justification for it being here?
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    thank you
  12. ...lighten up?[ Go to top ]

    Um, where's the funny part?... it's a post about some competition not related to this community site, being run, and is apparently about to be judged. There's nothing funny in that post. And the post itself existing is not funny. What it links to may be funny, but no, that post is most certainly not funny. I have a great sense of humor, but there's no value in this post. It's a company that plays in this space, trying to get out and get some marketing. "Giving money to those who post videos to YouTube"... *that* is funny. Like YouTube peeps are now a charity. But ok... maybe there's something strange, and this post actually is funny... but what defines relevant content is "can a post like this be posted every day and have people happy that it's there". This is what this site is all about. Otherwise, there's just a time delay on the next off topic "funny" post that's allowed to come in here because it's funny. I'm all for funny, but this post itself is not funny, and certainly not a type of post that any of us want to see every day. To say so would be absurd. I can appreciate that not many people try it, they're a vendor that plays in the server side space... so, why not let them get away with it this once... hey, I can groove with that. ...but one of these posts every day?... it'd make TSS suck pretty hard pretty fast. It's just like all those posts that get branded as "slashvertising" on slashdot. Throw in that the exact same post is thrown on to JavaLobby, and the whole thing starts to put sour taste in my mouth. Other companies pay money for their ads hosted on community sites, giving back to the community in a direct way... do WindwardStudios have ads with TSS and JavaLobby?... if yes, awesome! and best of luck to them. If no, "abusing the community space sucks pretty bad, and tart it up however you want to ('oh think of the YouTube children'), it just sucks".
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    I'm glad you can define for everybody what TSS is all about According to the about page... is an online community for enterprise Java architects and developers, providing daily news, tech talk interviews with key industry figures, design patterns, discussion forums, satire, tutorials, and more.
    Looks like satire is specifically called out, which you could loosely group this under. Hell, if you wanted to make an argument out of that, I'll go ahead and classify it under "and more." Your argument about whether or not we want to see a post like this every day is a straw man. I don't think anybody expects to see a post/day like this. And then you assert that only people who pony up direct monetary contributions should get any article-space? Preposterous. That's exactly what makes so many trade rags so distasteful. In any case the internet is a great place to experiment with new ways of generating interest in a product, and I've got to say I far prefer this type of honest targetted advertising than the shady banner crap I see everywhere. Obviously tastes vary here, and lucky for both of us we aren't the arbiters of proper marketting. I think you'd be a whole lot happier in life if you can learn to accept that which does not fit your rigidly-defined ideal. You don't like this post? That's cool with me, it's not everybody's thing... but I think you're making a big deal out of nothing here. Show me the trend -- show me how this stuff is appearing on the site every day -- and maybe I'll start to come around to your opinion. Until then it seems like you posted a knee-jerk reaction "I don't like this" that you're scrambling to justify as somehow adding value to the site. I can't believe I'm wasting my time on this...
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    lighten up people, it is funny, why do you need any further justification for it being here?
    Agreed -- I'm glad this was posted anyway, lightened up my day a bit!
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    Hi all; I'm the one that posted this story. And I'm the president of Windward which is running the contest. I came up with the contest primarily as a means to provide some compensation to people who put up quality videos on YouTube. To sell it within the company here so I could spend the money on it, I came up with the rule that the entered videos had to mention Windward Reports and that we prefered that they appeal to developers. My primary hope is that the videos are funny, they brighten up people's day, and the people who produced the videos are encouraged to create more because of the prize money. My secondary hope is this generates enough buzz for Windward that it makes sense to continue doing this. We all work for a living and understand how the economy works - if this generates no buzz, then I can't get budget to run the contest again. On the flip side, if it is very successful, then I can continue and my hope is that we can increase the number of prizes. I would be thrilled if next time we had 100 quality entries and could pay the top 10 entries. If you don't want to watch the videos, or think TSS should be totally on-topic posts only, I apologize. Personally, I like the off-topic posts that come through here occasionally much more than the on-topic ones. thank you - dave
  18. I hope you have them, nice big pretty banners too, otherwise this really does suck. But if you do have 'em, I take it all back and wish you all the best... because then at least you do support the communities you're trying to take advantage of.