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    Edward Ort has posted "Notes from TheServerSide Java Symposium" on his blog, summarizing the introduction and Erich Gamma's keynote on Jazz, an IBM team collaboration effort.
    One interesting thing though is that the Jazz team found that in developng software you can't collaborate closely all the time. When the project started the idea was for everyone to work on the same build. But this total collaboration didn't work well. People were getting in each other's way. So the approach evolved to a hybrid where the entire team was split into individual teams. Each team owned a component and owned their own process. Tools control the collaboration of the individual teams. Interestingly, Jazz recognizes each team's individual process and is able to blend everything together into a workable overall process.
    As Mr. Ort says, it's been a good start - we'll be posting more information from the Symposium as the days progress.
  2. Sniff...wish i was there!