JXInsight 5.1 FREE Development Edition Released


News: JXInsight 5.1 FREE Development Edition Released

  1. JInspired has announced the availability of JXInsight 5.1 that includes a number of new features and enhancements centered around its ongoing innovation in runtime state diagnostics and automated performance and transaction analysis inspections. JINSPIRED is also announcing a free development-only edition that provides all of the capabilities of the server edition but limits console and terminal connectivity to the first 45 minutes of a managed JVM’s processing time. Snapshots taken before the expiration time can still be analyzed off-line in the console and the console will reconnect to the JVM once it has been stopped and restarted. The downloads page lists a number of reasons for making available a free version of their application performance management and problem diagnostics solution including: - Complete application life cycle usage - Development of local product expertise and partnerships - Creation of a comprehensive problem-cause-symptom library - Integration with other tracing solutions An entry on their corporate blog provides additional background information on the release as well as highlighting elements of the product road map.
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    I downloaded the Mac version and had a couple comments. The User Guide appears to be from 4.0. I couldn't find a Getting Started or equivalent document. There appears to be a samples directory, but it doesn't seem to have a real sample, more along the lines of third part connectors. The snapshots directory has a few items which can be loaded, but really no indication of what should be looked at. Some kind of tutorial would be nice, to give me a feel of the product in a reasonably short time. --Tim
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    Hi Tim, There are two main guides the install and user guide as well as more than 40 other pdf documents describing integrations as well as the application of the product to various performance problems. The user guide had remained at 4.0 because it only discusses the many concepts of the model underlying the product as well as general UI controls which remain true since 4.0. We decided since the 4.0 release that with the frequency of releases (sometimes bi-weekly) that it would be best to document this in the release notes, articles, and blog entries. We have also concentrated more on making the concepts much more transparent and understandable within the console which most of our customers agree is one of our top 3 product strenghts. This also reflect what we see in the field and which you have 'kinda' proved to some degree that most developers really focus on what the see in the tool and not what is in the /docs folder. If the 40+ pdf's is still not enough to understand the product which is understandable because it is different in many areas, then please look at 20+ sample snapshots shipped with the installation showing the type of data that is captured which for most customers is the first important step in any evaluation prior to any actual product usage. This is a much quicker way of evaluating a performance management product than spending hours getting a web container started, a web application deployed and configured, various agents installed, and a database setup and populated. Most of our customers also track my blog which talks about the features in each release. http://blog.jinspired.com Online versions of the articles are available at: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jxinsight/insights.html You are the first person that has raised such as issue. I am bit surprised because the typically response we get from customers and partners is thta we have about 5 products contained within JXInsight. The nice graphic on the main product showing all of the various sub components and extensions to the product reflects this view. Oh I forgot to mention that the open API to extend the product is available within the docs folder as well as online at: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jxinsight/api And before I go I should mention that JXInsight also ships with sample properties files containing between 500 and 1000 system configuration properties. But you also need concern yourself with these when you are looking to align the data collection with your monitoring requirements. kind regards, William Louth JXInsight Product Architect CTO, JInspired "Java EE tuning, testing, tracing and monitoring with JXInsight" http://www.jinspired.com
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    Thanks for the explanation of the User Guide. You might want to consider dropping the version number, though, as it is confusing and if it is not meant to track the product version number, it doesn't really serve a purpose. ...as more than 40 other pdf documents... ...please look at 20+ sample snapshots shipped with... ...we have about 5 products contained... I think it was not so much a complaint of too little documentation, but a lack of a clear starting point to become familiar with the product as well as some kind of small project where one can work interactively with the product (as opposed to viewing an existing snapshot) to understand how to use the product. I think with the addition of the free developers edition (thanks for that, by the way), you'll have more people who will be interested in getting a quick feel for the product and will be intimidated by the wealth of documents and sources for information without seeing a clear place for them to start. It is fairly common to find such an offering with a product and perhaps you have something similar within the existing documents, but I'm not necessarily going to wade through 40 documents to find it. --Tim
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    Hi Tim, We will probably remove the version number. I had intentionally kept it as is because I wanted to be honest in the actual version of the document. I now understand this honest might cause more harm than good. I think it is extremely hard to actually cover every aspect of the product that is why the following page tried to list the many aspects of the product without screen shots but with simple summaries. http://www.jinspired.com/products/jxinsight/ JXInsight is unlike other products on the market that fall into the following two main categories: - Low level, high overhead code profiler - High level, low overhead application monitoring JXInsight really is placed in the middle but with a coverage that touches significantly in each area. This is largely driven by the fact that we do not have one single type of user. We have developers, testers, performance engineers, DBA's and operations (in service-,incident-, problem- management) staff using the product. When I design the product features I always try to consider each group. This can sometimes be an advantage and other times an disadvantage especially when people want to place a product inside a classified box. Please check out the blog I promise you it has very little in terms of "justifying from my business model with a shopping experience" and more about the products features and application. The following blog entry shows the 3-5 steps to getting things setup quickly with Sun's appserver. http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=43 Kind regards, William Louth JXInsight Product Architect CTO, JInspired "Java EE tuning, testing, tracing and monitoring with JXInsight" http://www.jinspired.com
  6. I am trying to use it with a web application and SQL server using JTDS, but it looks like that JXInsight does not support JTDS to make it possible to monitor JDBC stuff. I tried JDBC driver 2005 and it is incompatible with JXInsight because JXInsight look for a class that is not bundled with ms jdbc driver 2005. Can you please tell me which version of JDBC driver for sql server you support? Thanks
  7. Hi, There are a few ways to configure JXInsight to work with new JDBC driver classes. JXInsight does have an internal mapping of url prefix to JDBC driver class name but this is only for convenience and is not a mandatory requirement. You can easily add a JDBC driver class to a JVM which will be loaded by the driver manager on the first connect request via the system property -Djdbc.drivers=, The JXInsight driver will then remap the request to this driver by passing in some cases constraints around calling class loaders within the driver manager. For JDBC 2.x DataSources we also ship with a generic data source class that can map requests to your own data source class. This is in the docs as well in the release notes. I would urge you to contact support at jinspired dot com for further assistance providing us more information your environment (appserver, standalone) and driver classes. We have a new minor update coming out this week and we could easily get the changes made to the internal url-to-jdbc class name mapping done. kind regards, William Louth JXInsight Product Architect JInspired "Java EE tuning, testing, tracing and monitoring with JXInsight" http://www.jinspired.com